Large Boiler explodes killing one person

4 grudnia 2013, Autor: Pan Patajo , Śmieszne filmiki

December 4th, in Naberezhnye Chelny, a resident of house number 45 sat and watched TV. At this moment a loud bang when a, what he thought was a Meteorite, blew a huge hole in the wall of the house.

As it turned out, the mysterious celestial body appeared to be part of a boiler which exploded at a nearby construction site. The boiler, with a Steam capacity of 400 liters, shattered to pieces, and the metal container to convert water into steam blast threw a few hundred meters.

Eyewitness of the event: „We were walking home with friends. Suddenly the fence about 10-15
meters from us something exploded. With construction took off at great speed” meteorite „lob Vakhitova Avenue, flew past the home 44 and flew into the corner of five-story building House 45 by doing hole in the wall. „

As reported by the MOE in reuzltate accident at a construction site worker was killed, which was near the boiler during the explosion. Another worker in serious condition and taken to hospital.

Video recorded incident by one of the city motorists.

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